Connecting with Your Community

What gets people to participate? That's the ultimate question for organizations that succeed when people get involved.
And it's the heart of what we do here
at Iris Creative.

It's important that people are attracted to your organization, get involved and feel inspired to give back. Iris Creative supports the whole cycle of communication from brand positioning through ongoing marketing.

Where Do You Need To Connect?

Developing Strategy: Consulting to create a clear brand, plan marketing, define a messaging plan or coordinate your social efforts

Delivering Creative: Graphic design, writing, web development, video – whatever you need to create to convey/express/communicate your message

Building Skills: – Resources, workshops and training to help you make decisions and keep your marketing program moving.
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Converting Information into Inspiration for Compassion International

Compassion International’s volunteer mobilization team had an amazing year. At their kick off meeting for 2017, Mike Lenda, National Director of Mobilization and Engagement wanted to thank his team and celebrate their accomplishments. And quite a lot of accomplishments there were. So the challenge became: how to convert all of that information into inspiration for […]

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Literally Crazypants

Back in 2006 while scrolling through the new multi-channel broadcast of the Olympics I landed on the shuffleboard-on-ice that turned out to be curling. My whole family became fascinated by this simple looking sport that completely confounded us. Every 4 years I have gotten excited for Olympic curling while still having no idea what was […]

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How Extreme Audience Focus Led to Explosive Event Growth

“Everything has to be audience-first, and our first audience is the business owner so … how can we make even a free community event more friendly for our primary audience, the business owners, while entertaining the guests? It's tough, but there's always steps you can take, even if they're small

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