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Ongoing storytelling is one of the strongest ways to move your audiences from awareness to engagement. Organizations share their stories in many ways — in person, online and in print. Short to long, visual or written — all formats have value and unique qualities to offer in building connection and motivation to act.

Long-form storytelling is not dead. But too often, we don’t really know what content or format our audiences want so it’s easy to assume they no longer work.

Our clients tell us that they are struggling with bridging the needs of older audiences who appreciate magazines and print newsletters with the digital needs that seem to be the preference of many younger audiences.

It’s easy to assume that dropping print will save money, but sometimes what looks like an expense is actually an investment in delighting donors.

Don’t guess and make a costly decision. Let us analyze your current publications and goals to help you get the most out of your storytelling efforts. We’ll help you re-think your publication strategy through the eyes of your most important audiences…then re-imagine your content and design to delight your readers.

Today there are great options to please every audience.

Print Design Has Its Place

We don’t know about you, but our mailboxes are pretty empty while social feeds and inboxes are exhaustingly full.

While printing and mailing is costly, you may have audiences that are hard to reach in other ways. And publications designed for print can be produced in short runs thanks to the economy of digital printing.

Print design is still an excellent choice for telling longer stories. The integration of your images and words can be designed in a way that is easy on the eyes and can be easily saved and returned to in the future.

Digital that Delivers

In the past, a print-designed piece would be turned digital to save on printing and mailing and make the content available to broader audiences.

The days of pinching and page flipping on mobile are over — meet the needs of a modern audience with dynamic digital stories.

The technologies that were developed to solve the “printing is expensive” problem are nearly impossible to read on mobile screens — no matter how big those devices get. It’s time to give your readers a better experience.

At Iris we develop digital publications that maintain the impact of print while offering unparalleled opportunities for sparking engagement. Imagine integrating video, surveys, registration, and donation — impossible in print without typed links or clunky QR codes.

PDFs still have their place. They work well linked from websites that people view on desktops and laptops. They are a simple and economic option for one-off publications like annual reports and highlights from research.

If your storytelling program has — or needs ­— regular publication, a home base, dynamic content, and a creative, variable design then our platform may be the solution you’ve been looking for. See how we expanded the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s GROW magazine into a dynamic digital publication, cutting print issues in half by delivering quarterly digital versions.

We’ll help you consider the best path for your publications.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Branding projects can create deep transformation leading to better engagement, stronger relationships and an energized staff.

Events & Campaign Marketing

Whether your need is in positioning the program or delivering cohesive marketing, we can design a plan to support your strategy.

Marketing Support

Don’t let the disruption of a gap in staffing put your communications off track. Let us help by picking up the day-today duties or moving a key project forward.