Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

Translating Impact Into Digestibble Content

Print & Digital Publications

Copywriting, Copyediting, Report Design


The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) works to transform the central waterfront area of the Delaware River in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. To develop waterfront destinations that enrich the local area, DRWC must create a strong cooperative bond with the community and city, state, and federal agencies.

To enhance their relationship with these key stakeholders, DRWC conducted a comprehensive economic study and Transformation Report. DRWC came to Iris for assistance in translating the detailed findings into digestible content for key audiences.

Telling the Story of Impact

Initially, DRWC’s staff knew they needed to edit the detailed findings into a shorter document. During our consulting phase, it became clear that what was actually needed was something quite different. By getting clarity on the key audience for the piece we were able to transform the facts to tell the story of change.

Brand Aligned Design

With a focus on a professional audience, we needed to create a design that would allow readers to easily grasp the content. Working within brand guidelines, we created a design that made it easy for busy professionals to scan and interpret.