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Events and campaigns are exciting opportunities for your organization. They have similar communication arcs — both are typically time-bound with a start, a peak and a close. While they share these similarities, your events and campaigns can be very different in their scale and scope.

Some events and campaigns have or benefit from being distinctive brands of their own. Others need to be visibly linked to your organizational brand. Iris can help you evaluate and align your project’s brand in a way that serves your goals.

Organizations run all kinds of events from fundraising galas, programs and races to trade shows, conferences and symposiums.  Campaigns may also be for fundraising, like a capital campaign, appeal or giving day, but they may also be designed for awareness or advocacy.

One of the key challenges of events and campaigns is the sheer volume of materials that have to be created. Ensuring that the concepts stay on brand while also flexing to the wide variety of materials needed is a key to successfully marketing these initiatives.

What makes large, complex projects run smoothly while staying on-brand is to evaluate who does what based on skills, budget and capacity. We’ve developed a distributed work model that can scale for any size staff and volunteer contingent. After looking at the scope of needs, we ask:

  1. What can we do that will provide a better result than your team can produce? This may be due to our skills, our capacity, or our tools and technology.
  2. What would benefit from our skills, but your team needs to be able to update and iterate in-house due to speed or budget constraints? This is where we consider templates and toolkits.
  3. What can you do perfectly well on your own? Often access to logo files, colors, fonts and brand graphics is all it takes for your team to extend the brand to materials like name badges that need to stay on theme, but don’t require a pro.

Taking the time to think through the cycle of work and design a plan that fits your needs is a big part of what our clients value about working with us. We want to support you where it really makes a difference and get out of the way when you don’t.

Looking to build the brand of your events and campaigns?

Brand Strategy & Identity

Branding projects can create deep transformation leading to better engagement, stronger relationships and an energized staff.

Print & Digital Publications

Ongoing storytelling is one of the strongest ways to move your audiences from awareness to engagement.

Marketing Support

Don’t let the disruption of a gap in staffing put your communications off track. Let us help by picking up the day-today duties or moving a key project forward.