American Littoral Society

Building Awareness for Oyster Conservation

Events & Campaign Marketing

Program Rebrand, Stakeholder Session, Communication Audit, Visual Identity, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Toolkit, Infographics, Signage, Social Media Templates, Copywriting, Marketing Collateral, T-Shirt Design


American Littoral Society’s Operation Oyster Shuck It, Don’t Chuck It (SIDCI) program returns oyster shells to the bays for cleaner water, a healthier environment, and more oysters on our plates. After receiving the 2021 NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant to promote the Resurgence of the New Jersey Oyster through Shell Recycling, the Society came to Iris for help accomplishing the goals agreed upon in their grant application. The Society’s main goal, to enhance the market relationship between local growers and consumers, faced two major issues — the average consumer didn’t know why oysters were important to the environment and restaurants saw recycling as an extra hurdle in operations.

Understanding Their Stakeholders

We held a Stakeholder Session with staff members and volunteers from The Society and their partner organization Barnegat Oyster Collective (BOC) as well as restaurant representatives to better understand their needs. Through this session we were able to prioritize a key market segment to focus on first — restaurant staff/owners and restaurant patrons. This decision allowed us to create a marketing strategy that would be most effective with the audiences the Society was heavily targeting within both the budget of the project and the capacity of the staff.

Formulating a Plan

Considering staff capacity in time and skill is a critical part of deciding how to invest a budget. In follow-up discussions with the project leaders, it became clear that a refreshed brand and a toolkit of adaptable assets and templates that could be repurposed throughout the year would be most valuable. After developing designs and illustrations we then built customizable materials in Canva. This allows staff, volunteers, and partners to access the assets for promotion.

What’s in the Toolkit?

T-shirt Design

The Society specifically requested two designs for t-shirts — one that could be worn by volunteers and staff members, deemed “Oyster Wranglers”, and another that they could sell to fundraise for the program. With a focus on foodies, we created the “Locals Only” design as a spin on the locavore eating movement. Creating the state of NJ out of oyster shells promotes the connection among conservation, the economy and enjoyment of the state.

Oyster Bag Tags

To build awareness of recycling among retail and wholesale purchasers, we suggested adding educational bag tags to oyster orders shipped by the Society’s partner, the Barnegat Oyster Collective. A key focus of the messaging for restaurant owners who pay for waste disposal is awareness of the weight of shell and the savings from recycling.

Marketing & Social Media Templates

Both finished templates that can be customized and assets like fonts, colors and illustrations were set up in Canva for the team to work with as they evolve their marketing program. These materials include a “Recycle Oyster Shells Here” sign, flyer and trifold templates, and various signage for restaurants — including a “We Recycle Shells” sign and Oyster Fact Sheet.


An infographic was created for the Society to promote the different ways oyster shells benefit aquaculture. This infographic is designed to be used as a printed poster as well as digitally.