Going through branding isn’t like other tasks. It’s a process not a project.

Figuring out how to start utilizing the new direction will take time. Changing everything all at once can be extremely overwhelming so think about the transition in phases:

Phase 1: What needs to be rebranded before we launch. This may include business cards, a website or signage

Phase 2: What’s happening in the next three months that needs to be prioritized?

Phase 3: What can safely wait and transition over time?

When your rebranding is about updating your visual identity, this can be a task list for the design team to tackle over time. But  when you’re trying to communicate a change in focus or messaging, it’s not as straight-forward as switching graphics. It could include altering the way you talk about things, changing the people you’re targeting, and adjusting your mindset towards certain aspects of your brand.

After we completed Brand Focus with Stroud Water Research Center, they had some big shifts that required consideration in how they messaged and marketed.

One of the main messages Stroud wanted to communicate better was that their work is global. Working through our AMIE Brand Focus process revealed that their local work and community education initiatives was overshadowing this perception in many of their communications.

Repositioning how that throughout marketing would take time, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold until everything is perfect. The next project on their list when Brand Focus was completed was their annual report so they started there.

Instead of highlighting local streams and rivers as was typical in past reports, Stroud decided to showcase a river in Texas on the front cover. This seemingly simple change is actually a big shift in how they position themselves. By incorporating this image, readers will experience how Stroud works outside of the local community. They’ll begin to see how Stroud’s research can have implications in watersheds outside of their area.

Reach out to learn more about how we helped Stroud re-focus and to see how we can help you.

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