We all have friends who are super competitive and stubborn. Need something done? Throw down the gauntlet, and suddenly, they’re all over it. It might feel a bit sneaky, but understanding what makes people tick is the best way to motivate them to action. (This is why personas are so important.)

When planning a giving day, one of the most powerful forms of marketing is ambassadors. Great ambassadors are the people who show up to things and give when asked. They’re truly connected to your mission and want to see you succeed. You know…your organization’s best friends. Having these excited supporters tell their friends and connections about your event is amazing.

But even the biggest supporters sometimes need a little push to start posting.

Good Ol’ Classic Peer Pressure

There’s a reason the phrase “Just Say No” was drilled into our brains at a young age. Peer pressure works and it can encourage positive behaviors.

To get help for Do More 24: Delaware Gives Day, Jenn Saienni from Spur Impact started with the board. She asked each board member to find five friends or family members to join in the giving day. When they met again, everyone talked about who they invited. You wouldn’t want to be the only one with no names, would you? This made sure everyone felt a bit of pressure to invite others.

Butter Them Up

We might say we don’t care what others think, but deep down, we usually do. Letting ambassadors show how generous they are satisfies their desire for recognition.

Jenn also gets ambassadors involved by putting them in the email newsletter. The feature talks about what each ambassador is doing to help the giving day succeed. This makes ambassadors want to keep helping, and others want to be in the spotlight too.

Create a Clear Path

Sometimes, uncertainty is the roadblock. When people are unsure of what’s being asked of them or when their task will be done, it’s easier to not participate at all.

A key part of the ambassador success for Do More 24 came after training was provided for the ambassadors. They were introduced to the toolkits and shown where to find images, how to edit the templates, and when to post. Clear expectations made things less overwhelming, so they felt more confident.


Ambassadors are a powerful resource for any campaign. In 2023 Nonprofits who used ambassadors and toolkits raised 30% more than those who didn’t. But inspiring them can be an intimidating task. Watch our conversation with Jenn here to learn more about how she leads the ambassadors for Do More 24: Delaware Gives Day to success.

If you’re looking to create assets for your ambassadors but you’re not sure where to begin, get in touch below and we’ll see how we can help!

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