The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Reinvigorating the Annual Fund at Wharton

Events & Campaigns

Campaign Redesign, Campaign Collateral, Magazine Ads, Copywriting, Graphic Design


The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is a highly regarded Ivy League business school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With such an impressive reputation, Wharton boasts an exceptional alumni and donor base supporting the Wharton Fund. Wharton sought our help to refresh the Wharton Fund campaign. They had restructured the fund to support seven key initiatives and needed to introduce alumni and donors to the new structure and encourage giving.

Connecting Alumni to Incoming Students

We developed the concept of “Unbounded Opportunity” as a theme to reflect what alumni received from their education as well as what they can offer to incoming students through their support. This theme connects graduates with the lifelong benefits of being part of their community. Through message and visuals, the campaign highlights what’s possible because of a Wharton education.

Unbounded Opportunity

In addition to letter variations for segmented audiences, we developed a highly visual brochure, postcard, website graphics and a series of ads for the Wharton Magazine.