Rockford University

Keeping Critical Projects Moving Through Outsourcing

Marketing Support

Copywriting, Graphic Design Support


Staffing shortages are not easy for any organization to navigate. Rockford University’s (RU) change in capacity risked putting important projects on hold. The marketing staff turned to outsourcing with Iris Creative to ensure key deadlines were met for admissions marketing.

Supporting International Outreach

RU was focusing on a major initiative to attract more international students. They needed assistance creating marketing materials including flyers and banners that conveyed the benefits of a Rockford education. Our team worked within the established RU brand to edit copy and design materials to stand out at college fairs.

We were able to create consistent collateral and source printing so that ready-to-use materials were delivered to department leaders.


Successful outsourcing requires efficient communication and a healthy respect for branded communication. Iris’ systems ensured both criteria were met.