Going from a New Logo to a New Look

Fair Labor Association® (FLA) is an international human rights nonprofit based in Washington D.C. that seeks to improve the working conditions and lives of workers across the globe. FLA’s wide range of evidence-based, ready-to-implement resources allows FLA to meet companies where they are on their journey to improving workers’ rights.

In 2018, FLA hired its first communications director to support its strategic goal of becoming a more public-facing organization. FLA had recently engaged in a brand strategy process and invested in the development of a new logo. But FLA was looking for a new partner to help build out a supporting “look” for its new logo and to deploy its new brand identity across its materials.


With members across the globe, ensuring that FLA’s tools and resources could be easily recognized and understood was a high priority for the organization. In addition to developing and deploying a consistent new look to accompany its new logo and brand identity, FLA wanted to use the rebranding initiative to reinvent some of its signature pieces in a more reader-friendly format.


To promote brand consistency within the organization, we developed a new style guide for FLA. The style guide included brand colors and brand fonts that completed FLA’s look in the straightforward and accessible manner FLA was seeking. We developed the style guide in tandem with the redesign of some of FLA’s materials—resulting in a style that would be exceptionally practical for FLA’s intended uses.

Some of the materials we developed included stationery, a Zoom background (for the height of COVID), PowerPoint slides, an email template, a brochure and a number of signature documents. Many of these pieces, like the Workplace Code of Conduct, required maximizing space in a reader-friendly format to accommodate documents that were text-heavy out of necessity. Throughout the process, we guided FLA in rethinking how these documents might be reorganized.


FLA soft-launched its new look with its highest priority materials. Enthusiastic staff proudly supported the launch (and were particularly excited about the new Zoom background!). As FLA moves forward, its staff is armed with a complete style guide to support the organization’s efforts to implement its brand identity more consistently.