Connecting your mission to your marketing starts with creating engaging touchpoints. Publications are one touchpoint that keep your members and donors updated on the impact of their giving and encourages them to continue to act.

In a world that leans heavily digital, traditional print publications have limitations. But it’s hard to  sacrifice the look and feel and experience of print to receive the benefits of online delivery.

Some organizations try to mitigate this loss by uploading the piece to a page-turning software or as a PDF hosted on their website. These options work in the sense that they allow readers to see the exact format and flow of the original magazine. But readability and impact decreases, especially on mobile.

Uploading features as blog articles improves readability. However, having the publication split into separate blog posts eliminates the flow of the piece that readers tend to enjoy.

We knew there had to be a way to get the best of print while modernizing publications — and, not to toot our own horn — we were right.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) GROW Magazine

PHS came to us in need of a digital option for their beloved member magazine, GROW. Like many other organizations, they needed to find a digital option that would showcase their beautiful images and transformative stories just as well as their print option.

With our solution, PHS’s stunning photos can be displayed with full impact. The flow of content varies as you scroll through the piece. Different styles and elements add interest to each story. The dynamic nature of the technology allows it to be easily viewed on whatever device readers use. Finally, going digital means shorter timelines for production.

Offering an innovative alternative that combined both our technological and creative expertise, allowed the team at PHS to feel confident in the new change. When you look at the final product here, you’ll see the new digital magazine hits all the benefits of print that PHS was most worried about losing.

“Making the transition from a quarterly print publication to a purely digital one was not easy — we had years of reader loyalty, engaging articles, and beautiful photography that we wanted to maintain, regardless of format. As we worked through this transition with the Iris Creative team, they helped provide a creative path to this new future state. Their team worked with us to keep a number of elements consistent from print to digital, while also adding in creative ideas, plus digital-only features and functions that would further engage our readers, like video, interactive graphics, and clickable links to photo galleries and even online shopping opportunities. We love the new look and feel of the digital version, while continuing to build in new elements for our current and future audiences!”  

— Erin Dunkel, Vice President, Content Marketing


Changing a publication in any way can be a challenging feat — but exploring all your options, and working with a team that understands both print and digital, can help ease some anxiety. Email us or give us a call at 267-468-7949 to learn more about how we can help transform your digital publication. 

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