Shared Strategies Between Marketing and Home Renovations

Have you ever done a home renovation? There are basically three ways to go about it. You can do it yourself, hire individual experts and coordinate everyone, or you can hire a general contractor who finds and manages all the experts.

Marketing projects are surprisingly similar. They are multi-faceted, requiring planning, management, copy and design.

Multi-tools are rare

Many organizations don’t have staff with the skills or time to cover everything, so there’s a need to look outside for help on special projects. But just like in home renovations, it can be difficult to find one resource who can handle all aspects. This puts you in a role of the general contractor, having to find and coordinate a team.
That may work great for you, but when talking to our clients at the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) recently, we learned some interesting things about the benefits of letting someone else be the general contractor.

What’s the fix?

DRWC had commissioned a comprehensive study that resulted in a detailed report on the economic impact of investments made as of 2022. They wanted to take the dense deliverable from the researchers and transform it into a marketing piece.
At first, the plan was to edit and shorten the material, but it quickly became clear that the results needed to be reframed to tell the story to their core professional audience. DRWC had done similar things in-house but they’re not copywriters. “We wouldn’t have been able to tell the story so succinctly or vividly,” shared Mike Barone, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager.

Mike found that in looking for help, a lot of people didn’t do both design and copy. It was important to find both to support this project. Hiring our multifaceted team at Iris allowed Mike to feel confident in the final deliverable. “I’ve managed similar projects and having separate designers and writers was cumbersome. Time consuming. I couldn’t really be hands off and focus on other things and still get an excellent product.”

While they already contract daily design work out to a freelancer, handling a larger project like this would have consumed all their capacity. Working with a team — like the one we have here at Iris — that is used to collaborating ensured the copywriter and designer worked in tandem and had similar vision. DWRC appreciated that they didn’t have to be the go-between to navigate creative direction.

Juggling multiple contractors and managing the intersection of their deliverables is cumbersome and time consuming. Email to talk about seamless support for your special projects.