Seizing the Moment with Florence’s Data

Communications shouldn’t just look and sound pretty; they should produce results. And the most effective projects start with the outcome in mind. Knowing what you want from your communication determines everything from the channel you use, to your message, to your format.

Last month, the United Way of North Carolina was preparing to meet with state legislators about renewing their funding for the coming year. They wanted to highlight the tremendous role the organization played in responding to Hurricane Florence. It was an opportunity to seize the moment by getting their exceptionally compelling information out quickly, before it lost its impact.

Like many United Ways across the country, United Way of NC operates the state’s 2-1-1 service, a free 24-hour information and referral hotline. Calling 2-1-1 helps people find local resources for matters ranging from hunger to disaster services. When Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina in September, the United Way of NC fielded disaster-related calls double their regular load.

And this produced enormous volumes of data—data that could tell legislators a really compelling story if it were packaged in just the right way.

With limited access to their legislators, the United Way of NC wanted to quickly summarize the data in a way that demonstrated their impact.

The infographic we designed was the perfect tool to do this job. Infographics pair data (which can be hard to process) with pictures (which don’t always convey meaning by themselves) in a way that’s quickly digestible.

After the storm receded, there were just days to tell their story. We helped them seize this opportunity, completing this time-sensitive project in three days.

And coming up with the idea to turn the hurricane symbol into a doughnut chart was pretty much a highlight for all of us!

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