Reboot. Refresh. Retreat

Earlier this spring, Resources for Human Development (RHD) called us looking for a little inspiration. After more than a year of working virtually, they were feeling flat. Even though they felt like they knew each other well, they wanted to energize their work and connection.

When Beth and RHD Marketing Director, Darlene Blevins talked through ideas, it became clear that virtual work had increased stress and decreased creativity.

Not exactly the kind of thing you can get from a one-size-fits-all workshop.

So—we created a custom retreat. Part creative workshop, part trends insight, part mindfulness exercises (Beth’s secret alter ego is a private yoga instructor!) All together, an investment in the team members as people.

After the retreat, Darlene shared, “The trends Beth presented were extremely current, thought-provoking, and on point for each member of the team. She created a relevant and tailored experience my entire team enjoyed. She even incorporated de-stressing activities and mindfulness techniques we could bring into our daily lives to improve our moods and attitudes!”

RHD Marketing and Communication Specialist, Willa Joynes agreed, “The content was timely as well as innovative. I left the retreat full of new skills, ideas, and feeling inspired. It was an outstanding experience!”

A retreat like RHD’s can help you:

  • Build connections between team members as you return to the office.
  • Strengthen team ties while you continue to work virtually.
  • Integrate new members who joined the team during the pandemic.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Revitalize creativity after months of isolation.
  • Look to the future with a fresh eye.

We’d love to design a retreat experience for your team—virtual or in-person.

If you’re ready to rally your team with a custom retreat, email us or schedule a call to talk.