The Nonprofit MBA Podcast: PRESS RELEASE

The Keys to Hiring and Retaining Marketing Staff for Your Nonprofit Featuring Beth Brodovsky on The Nonprofit MBA Podcast

Nonprofit marketing is essential because it helps organizations communicate their mission and value to potential supporters and stakeholders. Effective marketing can help nonprofits increase awareness, build credibility, attract donors and volunteers, and ultimately achieve their goals. By leveraging hiring and retaining marketing staff for your nonprofits, you can effectively reach and engage their target audience, differentiate your organization from competitors, and inspire action toward their cause. In today’s podcast, Beth Brodovsky from Iris Creative and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions, a leading provider of funding for nonprofits, discuss the keys to hiring and retaining marketing staff for your Nonprofit.

Read an Executive Summary or Listen to the Podcast HERE: The Keys to Hiring and Retaining Marketing Staff for Your Nonprofit

About Beth Brodovsky  from Iris Creative

Beth is the president of Iris Creative Group Inc. Beth Brodovsky works with nonprofit leaders to focus their audience and move them to action. For 26 years, Beth and her team have developed nonprofit branding, marketing and fundraising communication. She runs Nonprofit Toolkit, training resources to grow in-house marketing skills, hosted the 200-episode Driving Participation Podcast and speaks on nonprofit marketing nationally.

About Stephen Halasnik, The Nonprofit MBA Podcast, and Financing Solutions

Stephen Halasnik is the co-founder of  Financing Solutions, which is the leading provider of lines of credit for nonprofits and church financing. The credit line program for nonprofits & churches is fast, easy, inexpensive, and costs nothing to set up, making it great when cash flow is temporarily down. Mr Halasnik is also the host of the popular, Nonprofit MBA Podcast. The podcast brings on experts to talk about fundraising, nonprofit grants, executive director leadership, nonprofit boards, and other important topics. You can learn more about the nonprofit line of credit program here or call 862-207-4118.