"A healthy organization always aligns to what volunteers want to get out of an experience.”
 - Maggie Creps, Manager of Volunteer Engagement at Medical Teams International

Creating the One Volunteer Experience with Maggie Creps

Session 99

With National Volunteer Week fast approaching (April 10-16th), we brought in Maggie Creps, to discuss the challenges’ and opportunities in creating a unifying volunteer experience. As Manager of Volunteer Engagement at Medical Teams International, Maggie is directly involved in the volunteer journey, transforming the way MDI inspires, engages and motivates its members.

Beth and Maggie discuss:

  • Creating a unified volunteer experience
  • Volunteer satisfaction: opportunities and challenges
  • The importance of feedback and market research
  • Volunteer communication strategies
  • Email Maggie: Mcreps@MedicalTeams.org

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