“Participation isn’t about selling a product, it’s about being a resource for the sector that you’re serving.”
– Steven Shattuck, VP of Marketing at Bloomerang

How to Thank Your Supporters on Social Media with Steven Shattuck

Session 98

In the past few years, social media has transformed the traditional donor-engagement process. Organizations and nonprofits leverage these communication tools with everything from online competitions to video campaigns– to find, influence and engage supporters. Social media platforms are inexpensive yet powerful ways to recognize donor behavior, but how can organizations redesign their outreach strategies to be more effective? Steven Shattuck, VP of Marketing at Bloomerang, joined Driving Participation to discuss donor stewardship strategies for social media.

Steven and Beth discuss:

  • content that generates engagement and participation
  • using social media for gift acknowledgment
  • building a strategy around donor recognition


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