"You're doing what you are meant to be doing as an organization: creating a framework that people want to participate in rather than creating a participatory opportunity that you are dragging people into."

How To Engage Members With Education with Sondra Smith

Session 97

The way we access, learn and share information has exploded in the last decade. Anyone with the desire to widen their skill set can access the plethora of networking communities, online tutorials, and learning applicators available online. This expansion of education welcomes micro-credentialing, a digital token or “badge” that signifies accomplishments such as completion of a project, mastery of a skill, or mark of experience. This week, Sondra Smith, Director of Special Projects for EDUCAUSE joined Driving Participation to explore the use of micro-credentialing and education to engage with members.

Sondra and Beth discuss:

  • Developing a system of micro-credentials
  • Identifying how to set a value for badges in employment and education
  • Strategies to promote community support
  • Best practices in the idea-to-launch process

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