“We're talking about our audience. We're talking about the field that they're in, and helping them build that knowledge. We’re providing something of value to them that they can use right then and there.”
– Julie Shoop, Vice President and Editor in Chief of Associations Now Magazine

The Impact of Journalism as Content Marketing with Julie Shoop

Session 96

What’s the difference between content marketing and brand journalism? When done well, both can deliver useful and engaging information that connects to members and generates leads. Often so though, high-value content requires the throughout research and expertise that stems from a journalism background.  As more journalists engage in producing content for brands, the line between content marketing and journalism can begin to blur. This week, Julie Shoop joined Driving Participation to discuss the gradual convergence of marketing and brand journalism. Julie is Vice President and Editor in Chief of Associations Now Magazine, a subset of ASAE, which works to provide resources, education, ideas, and advocacy to enhance the power and performance within associations and nonprofit communities.

Join Beth and Julie as they discuss:

  • Building and operating a successful content marketing team
  • Constructing a dialogue with existing members/non-members
  • Using content marketing for community purposes
  • The convergence of brand journalism

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