“You've got to get people to show up, stick around, and inspire them to give back.”
- Cathy Cahill. President & CEO, The Mann Center for the Performing Arts

The Lifecycle of First Time Attendee to Advocate with Cathy Cahill and Kelly Schempp

Session 95

The Mann Center of Performing Arts has served for many decades as the City of Philadelphia’s premier outdoor performing arts festival.  This year, the Mann celebrates its 40th anniversary, and with it comes the launch of new initiatives tailored to reflect the expectations of 21st century audiences. As a nonprofit, the Mann Center is focused on fostering long-standing relationships with its audience, artists, donors, board and staff, volunteers, community and business partners, and other internal and external stakeholders. But how do you move someone from first time attendee to active participant within an organization? This week, Cathy Cahill, CEO, and Kelly Schempp, Vice President of Audience Development and Integrated Marketing joined Beth to discuss the strategy behind the Mann’s marketing and fundraising efforts.

Tune in with Cathy, Kelly and Beth as they discuss:

      • using brand awareness surveys to establish a marketing plan
      • member retention: turning one-time ticket holders into donors
      • increasing sales through customer feedback
      • evaluating mission + vision statements
      • Connect with Kelly Schempp: KSchempp@manncenter.org
      • Connect with Cathy Cahill: ccahill@manncenter.org
      • http://www.manncenter.org/


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