“When done well, email marketing can be powerful and effective way to communicate with your audience. Yet it is one of the least understood and most under-utilized approaches by nonprofits, when it comes to driving participation.”
- Jeremy Koch

Email Myths that are Killing your Communications with Jeremy Koch

Session 93

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to nonprofit organizations, with its ability to connect with audiences, build support for causes, rally volunteers and increase donations. But what does it take to develop an email marketing plan that ensures your subscribers are engaged by your content? This week, Jeremy Koch, Chief Empowerment Officer at Empower Nonprofits joined Beth to discuss the opportunities available within e-mail marketing.

Beth and Jeremy discuss:

  • the myths of e-mail marketing
  • do’s and don’ts of e-mail sign up forms
  • the importance of the donor journey in nonprofit marketing
  • drip marketing campaigns and email autoresponders
  • Connect via email: Jeremy@EmpowerNonprofits.com | Twitter: @EmpowerNonProf
  • Visit Jeremy’s Website: EmpowerNonprofits.com

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