“We're in a place now where the real value of an organization is its ability to collaborate with its audience members and say ‘we can work on this together.'"

Stone Soup Innovation with Brendon Shank

Session 92

What takes a good organization from inertia to innovation when it comes to creating behavior change among audiences? Brendon Shank, leader in health care communications, thinks it’s about changing the expectations of the teams involved, empowering them to try new things and put their passion into it. In this episode, Shank talks about the Society of Hospital Medicine’s Fight the Resistance campaign and how staff members brought their own innovation and enthusiasm to the table.

Brendon and Beth discuss:

  • Where to identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Driving ROI with mission alignment
  • Building an army of ambassadors
  • Gathering a team of thought leaders to meet campaign goals
  • Connect with Brendon via email: Brendon.Shank@gmail.com | Twitter: @bshank
  • Visit Brendon’s Website

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