"You're really setting yourself up for failure if your mobile experience is a subset from your desktop experience. "
 - Chris Ferdinandi, Founder of Go Make Things

Making the Most of Mobile with Chris Ferdinandi

Session 90

One of the interesting things that is happening with mobile computing is it’s changing the overall dynamic of how we consume the web. 73% of all mobile searches trigger follow-up actions, which means having a mobile-friendly site is more important than ever before. Mobile devices are quickly becoming the go-to for work and communication, changing how organizations deliver data and drive action. This week, mobile strategist, Chris Ferdinandi joined Beth to discuss how nonprofits can tailor communications for mobile viewing and increased interaction.

Chris and Beth discuss:

  • Optimizing your website to be mobile ready
  • Technology user types and habits
  • Dos and dont’s of mobile apps
  • Creating a solid content foundation

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