“It's very hard to move a big ship, right? Even a medium-sized ship is hard to move without lighting the way, without finding a project or a campaign or an initiative in which you can rethink participation in a way where you have the freedom to try a different way, to experiment with a different power dynamic.”
— Jeremy Heimans, Purpose

Discovering the New Power with Jeremy Heimans

Session 199

In today’s world of connectedness and social media, movements can take off in the blink of an eye. But, as the guest of this session Jeremy Heimans posits in his book, “it’s only a movement if it moves without you.” Jeremy, CEO of Purpose and co-author of the book “New Power,” joins this session to explore the concepts of old power and new power, and how each plays a role in participation for organizations and nonprofits. He and Beth tackle why old power versus new power doesn’t necessarily mean bad versus good, and Jeremy shares examples of each power dynamic in relation to participation, such as the #MeToo movement. They explore the scale of participation, the concept of agency, and much more.

They discuss:

  • What is a digital beard, and why do you need a bridge not a beard?
  • Is there a difference between an engaged person and a participatory person?
  • The different archetypes, and false archetypes, of leaders in organizations
  • Why Jeremy believes some of the best work being done on participation isn’t being done necessarily in a traditional nonprofit setting
  • The distinction between empowerment and agency
  • How to create a shift of power within an organization