“You can't really have great strategy without great capacity to get you not just what you need to do today, but have enough extra to get you to what you need to do tomorrow.”
— Sarah Olivieri

Developing Strategy Doesn’t Have to Take a Year with Sarah Olivieri

Session 198

Sarah Olivieri joins in to talk all about strategy. How do you create a strategy everyone is on board with and can follow? And, more importantly, how do you even define strategy? Sarah, founder of PivotGround, and Beth explore how developing a strategy can take less time than you might think as long as you create a blueprint that works for you and your organization — and holds everyone accountable. She shares alternative methods to multitasking (because, as she and Beth say, multitasking never really works), tools for staying on track with the strategy you develop, and more.

They discuss:

  • Three tricks for getting time back in your day so you can shift your focus to the activity that is most important
  • Why doing something because other organizations are doing it isn’t always the best strategy
  • Sarah’s “secret sauce” to help businesses thrive
  • How Sarah defines “strategy”
  • The key distinction between a strategy and a tactic
  • What are perception goals and how can they affect your overall outcome goal?