“For a little while you've got to say the sky is the limit. Don't worry about budgets, don't worry about constraints you've encountered before. What if. … and then you start getting into the tactics, but if you don't do that initial why and then start to put ideas out there and not judge them, … I think the tactics almost become apparent once you start to lock in.”
— Donna Kastner, Retirepreneur

Little Wins: Tackling Experimentation One Step at a Time with Donna Kastner

Session 197

When it comes to innovation and experimentation, ideas are only half of the challenge. Donna Kastner, founder of Retirepreneur, joins this week’s session to explore the other half: implementation. She and Beth delve into experimentation and how to get from a conversation about an idea to an actual product. Donna explains how to design a conversation that puts everyone on a level playing field and leads to exploring the “why” behind the idea — without jumping to tactics too quickly. She and Beth discuss how a hackathon can create an impact anywhere from a conference to just within your organization and bring people together to solve, or “hack,” a problem.

They discuss:

  • Why “Shark Tank” probably isn’t the most realistic model to follow when it comes to experimenting with a new idea
  • The importance of patience
  • How to try a mini hackathon at your organization
  • How to ensure an idea is actionable
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to have a “the sky is the limit” mentality
  • When having a conversation facilitator could be helpful

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