“Focusing on that message and saying, ‘What do we want to portray to the audience and how do we get there?’, and I think once you achieve that, you don't focus on the ask. You focus on the connection with the audience and once you have that emotional connection, the ask comes later.”
— Jeremiah Lane, Children’s Hospital Foundation

One Creative Campaign, Hundreds of Hyper-Local Storytelling Opportunities with Jeremiah Lane

Session 196

Jeremiah Lane knows the power of putting a face to the name of an organization. After attending a conference, he came back to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, where he serves as Communications Director, with an idea that changed how the organization approached its storytelling. With a campaigned called “Dear Diagnosis” that directly involves the families they serve, the Foundation has been able to tap into the emotional side of the work they do and share those stories with their audience in ways that resonate, especially because they may be stories about kids from their hometown. Jeremiah shares how to use personal stories to create connections with donors, the link between development and communications, and more.

They discuss:

  • How one campaign filtered its way into other communications and started to change how the organization was communicating as a community
  • How to measure the impact of communicating to a hyper-local community
  • Why development and communications are more similar than you might think
  • Small and effective ways to get millennials involved in giving
  • What was the biggest thing Jeremiah and his team learned about communications from this campaign?
  • Getting big tasks done with a small team

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