“It doesn't always come from us giving instructions to staff about what they need to be doing or what content they can give us, but more so being open to the ideas they have about what they're interested in producing and what they think would be good on our channels and for the organization.”
— Julia Toepfer, National Immigrant Justice Center

Finding Great Sources for Content Inside your Team with Julia Toepfer

Session 195

As many organizations can relate, Julia Toepfer knows that it can be hard to generate the amount of content needed to tell your story when you have a small team. Julia, marketing and online engagement manager at National Immigrant Justice Center, joins this session to share how NIJC found inspiration for content from an unexpected source: its own staff. The organization’s blog features stories about the people it serves — sometimes written by the people who serve them. Julia shares how she and her team encourage staff members to contribute to telling NIJC’s stories in ways they’re comfortable with, whether it’s writing a post, making a video, or even being featured in the story themselves.

They discuss:

  • How having staff contribute impacts the culture of the organization
  • Maintaining on-brand messaging for staff members who are not in marketing
  • How to avoid hurting feelings or egos for staff in new situations
  • The “three buckets” of content
  • How to make engaging staff to contribute content feel more like a culture of co-collaboration than an assignment
  • What outcomes should you be looking for from your content creation efforts?

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