“The point of it is really to educate people on who we are, how you can get involved, our uniqueness, all without ever doing an ask. … Let them get passionate about us and then after the welcome series is done, then we would want to do those asks.”
— Kimberly Kroll-Goodwin, STARS Air Ambulance

Turning Event Givers into Organization Donors with Kimberly Kroll-Goodwin

Session 194

Say you have a great event that brings in big numbers of participants and donations to your organization. What should you do when the event is over to encourage guests and donors who may have given only to support a certain participant to continue giving to your organization? Kimberly Kroll-Goodwin, manager of events at STARS Air Ambulance in Saskatchewan, Canada, joins this session to share how her organization created a welcome series that introduced donors to the works STARS does and how to get involved — without making a single ask.

They discuss:

  • The four messages STARS used to introduce their mission and work to new donors
  • How to track and measure where your donors come from
  • How to effectively tell your story to a new audience
  • Making an event a well-known mainstay for your organization when there are just five participants
  • Predicting the success of an experiment

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