“Your database are your people and if we're not people focused, what are we doing as a nonprofit?”
— Amanda Parsons, Oregon Recreation & Park Department

Detox your Database for Better Conversion with Amanda Parsons

Session 193

Segmenting your messaging isn’t a new concept — but there are new ways to do it without relying on just demographics. To Amanda Parsons, Associations Coordinator for the Oregon Recreation and Parks Association, participation is a spectrum, and that translates to your email messaging as well. She joins this session to talk about how to use indicators of participation as a means of sending the messages people really want to receive without clogging their inboxes. She and Beth explore the value of segmenting based on interest level, how to effectively give your email database a cleanse and create a “healthy list,” the lead indicators of an unhealthy list, and more.

They discuss:

  • The concept of “hope marketing”
  • Why Amanda would rather have lower traffic and higher conversion than high traffic and low conversion
  • Distinguishing between traffic and conversion
  • How to determine if you’re sending emails too much or too often
  • Measuring your conversion rates — and then what to do with that information
  • Why content is key in finding the sweet spot in higher click through and conversion rates

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