“You've got to look at it as the advocate’s journey, or whatever you want to call it in the nonprofit world. The journey that someone goes through to get on board with your mission… So different stages of that journey require different amounts of content.”
— Jackie Lalley, Yodelpop

A New View on Content: Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters with Jackie Lalley

Session 190

What does content mean today? Jackie Lalley, co-founder of of Yodelpop, joins this session to talk all things digital communications and content marketing. She and Beth explore the differences between keywords and core topics, and how they relate to the concepts of pillar pages and topic clusters. She explains how using blogs and tracking searches can help you better understand what language works and what doesn’t. They talk about how to choose the right words for a topic cluster, why it’s not all about traffic, and much more.

They discuss:

  • What does content mean today?
  • What is content marketing in relation to what a nonprofit does?
  • How do social media, content marketing and search marketing play a role in digital marketing as a whole?
  • The difference between a topic and a keyword
  • What is the biggest change in content marketing as it has evolved?
  • Why deciding on a cluster topic doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel


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