“… What we really want to do is engage people, and sometimes doing that through humor is the most effective way to do it.”
— Janni Snider, United Methodist Communications

Bringing Humor to your Communications and Community with Janni Snider

Session 189

Janni Snider can always find something humorous in a situation. It’s this sense of humor she brings to her role as Director of Creative Strategy for the United Methodist Communications that has led the organization to such campaigns as their Hulapalooza, which incorporated hula hooping to promote their global health initiative — and it’s fun as it sounds. She joins this session to explore the role of humor in engagement and how it can be successful when used effectively.

They discuss:

  • How humor can enhance your communications
  • The importance of embracing participation on the inside of the organization as well as the outside
  • How humor creates a universal connection
  • Marketing effectively to specific audiences while still maintaining an appropriate tone
  • Why you shouldn’t let a “no” stop you
  • Setting boundaries when incorporating humor in messaging or campaigns

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