“People think of all young people as the same and that’s just silly. You really need to think of the diversity of these young people or you’ll never be able to serve them correctly.”
— Aria Finger, DoSomething.org

Move Over Millennials: Here Comes Gen Z with Aria Finger

Session 188

There’s been a lot of focus on millennials — whether it’s about avocado toast or how best to attract them the work your nonprofit does. But there’s another generation Aria Finger wants you to keep in mind: Generation Z. Aria, CEO of DoSomething.org, joins this session to highlight Gen Z and the work her organization does to serve this increasingly engaged demographic. She and Beth explore how to encourage participation and action from this group of 13- to 25-year-olds in ways that appeal to their interests, whether it’s politics or social justice; why it’s dangerous to think of all young people as the same; and why Aria is “allergic” to awareness only.

They discuss:

  • Why generational terms like millennial can be harmful
  • Breaking free from stereotyping different demographics
  • How customization segmentation has changed the game
  • How to learn what motivates your audience
  • The ways technology has helped engage and reach a specific community
  • How the quick pace of modern communication has changed or challenged the way Aria set up her organization
  • Lessons from the younger community that can apply to any age

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