“If you do branding correctly, it should have an effect on the entire institution as well as different audience groups.”
— Amanda Willard, EZLinks Golf

Re-Branding is Really About Change Management with Amanda Willard

Session 187

Re-branding is a term that comes up a lot within nonprofits — but what does it really mean? Amanda Willard, Vice President of Marketing and Brand at EZLinks Golf, joins this session to share her experience with re-branding while at the Lincoln Park Zoo and why it’s actually about what she calls change management. A re-brand done right resonates not just externally, but internally as well. It creates an emotional shift that should be felt by staff as well as audience. She and Beth explore the difference between participation and engagement, how to know when a re-brand is completed successfully, and more.

They discuss:

  • How does participation differ from engagement? How can you quantify them?
  • Ways to engage your staff with the re-branding process and create a deeper connection with the organization
  • How Amanda used a group of brand ambassadors to inform the branding process
  • How re-branding can build engagement in a community
  • Why you should “fight for the insight” first when thinking about re-branding
  • Overcoming potential roadblocks and negative attitudes along the re-branding process

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