“We kind of started this out as being a women’s campaign, if you will, for women to see themselves and what it actually ended up being and becoming is a movement. We’re seeing all of these people rally together to basically say, ‘Hey, the future of fishing is female,’ and we’re creating spaces for women to try something different.”
— Kendra Lee, Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

Sparking Participation in a Brand New Audience with Rachel Piacenza and Kendra Lee

Session 186

When you think of fishing, the phrase “female-dominated sport” probably isn’t what comes to mind. The face of fishing and other outdoor water sports  has long been typically associated with that of a man. Rachel Piacenza and Kendra Lee from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation join this session to talk about Take Me Fishing, which is run by the Foundation, and its new marketing campaign that strives to put the focus on women in fishing. They share the research tactics they used to discover the typical audience for fishing isn’t what it may seem, how they focused their campaign on a new demographic, why conservation appeals to a younger audience than before, and more.

They discuss:

  • How participation and conservation are linked for their organization
  • Identifying the motivator that translates to participation and involvement in an organization
  • How they transformed a dominantly male association to a sport into a message that appeals to a wider audience
  • What outside resources you can use in identifying your audience
  • Why authenticity in both messaging and images matters in marketing campaigns
  • How to reach a new audience while not diminishing your existing one

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