“I think the ultimate hardest thing, but I think really important, is budgeting for innovation. Having that in your actual budget, that you say, ‘This is marked for ideas that are future oriented, that are big and innovative,’ and actually putting your money where your mouth is.”
— Jesse Lane, Pure Charity

Creating a Culture Where Ideas Come to Life with Jesse Lane

Session 184

Trying new things can be scary — but often, the payoff is worth it. Jesse Lane of Pure Charity joins this session to explore ways nonprofits can be more innovative and how to create an environment that fosters creativity. He shares how at an organization he was a part of, they would set aside four hours every week just to brainstorm new ideas or work on implementing ones already in the pipeline. It created an environment for innovative ideas to be brought to the table in a new way and people were excited to share their suggestions. He and Beth explore why failure isn’t always bad, how to get your donors involved in organizational changes, and much more.

They discuss:

  • Creating a “mini movement” within an organization to encourage innovation
  • Why do so many nonprofits struggle with being innovative?
  • Why a fear of failure can hinder your organization
  • Where do ideas most often get stuck in a nonprofit?
  • What kind of changes can leaders make to create a culture where innovation is encouraged?

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