“Everybody likes to check the box. Everybody likes to show I did this. I got that brochure out the door. I sent that email campaign out. I put a press release on the wire. … Checking the box is really satisfying, but where does all that roll up to? It’s a strategy.”
— Erin Dunkel, RPM Communications

Does Your Marketing Equal A Big Pile of Tactics? with Erin Dunkel

Session 183

Do you know the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics? Erin Dunkel of RPM Communications joins this week’s session to share her view and how nonprofits can better organize their goals — and what they need to do to meet them. She shares the first three strategic steps people should take when it comes to their current marketing tactics, the data points marketers can follow when it comes to developing strategies and tasks, and much more.

They discuss:

  • Different ways to tell your organization’s story
  • What are “smart goals”?
  • How Erin defines a strategy
  • How to take notes from events your organization holds this year to plan for next year
  • What differences can be found in organizations that have to have strategies and ones that don’t
  • Find Erin on Twitter at @ErinDunkel
  • Email Erin at EDunkel@RPMComm.com
  • RPM Communications website
  • To check out the communication audit checklist, text the word ‘branding’ to 33444
  • University of Phoenix commercial on YouTube

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