“I think it’s really empowering employees to speak up for and be ambassadors for plastics. … If we can’t be the people to spread this message and to kind of right some of the myths that exist out there about plastics, we can’t expect other people to do it for us.”
— Mia Freis Quinn, Plastics Industry Association

Working from Within to Turn Members into Champions with Mia Freis Quinn

Session 182

If your employees aren’t ambassadors for your organization, how do you expect others to be? Mia Freis Quinn, vice president of communication for the Plastics Industry Association, joins this session to explore how to empower employees to be the champions of your cause. She and Beth discuss the organization’s new microsite, which is content focused rather than organization focused, how to use analytics to find out the answers your constituents are really searching for, how shareable graphics can make a huge difference for both employees and the public, and much more.

They discuss:

    • What is a microsite? What makes it different?
    • How to prioritize tone and language when building a website
    • How to create content that people want to consume, and not just what you want to tell them
    • Finding people internally that can serve as your organization’s cheerleader
    • Why “grassroots” doesn’t always mean social media campaigns
  • Ways to empower and incentivize your employees to become the champions of your cause

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