“Whatever your skillset is in terms of those like hard skills, you’re gonna bring something to the table that’s valuable, whether you’re a writer or a graphic designer or you’re that relationship person who has a crazy network with like business leaders and your different peer groups.”
— Stephen Barker, Marillac St. Vincent Family Services

Making Marketing Work with a Lean Team with Stephen Barker

Session 181

When you’re in charge of doing just about everything related to communications and marketing for your organization, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed — but not if you can figure out a way to make it work for you and the organization. Stephen Barker wears a lot of hats in his roles as director of marketing communications at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services and communications co-chair of YNPN Chicago. He is responsible for tasks including website management, social media, public relations, video and digital content and more. He joins in to share his advice on how to stay organized when your to-do list feels like it’s overflowing.

They discuss:

  • What does a nonprofit marketer need today to be able to do an effective job?
  • How to find people you can turn to when you need help with something outside of your skillset
  • What kind of problems can come up when a nonprofit expects one person to have a large breadth of services?
  • The importance of self care and being kind to yourself when you’re under pressure
  • How do you build skills in areas you aren’t naturally strong?
  • Why you should be willing to make mistakes

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