"The key to technology is not technology. It’s the ability to pass a compelling message to an individual."
– Mark Mehling, Conservative Copy

Focusing on Relationships in a World of Tech with Mark Mehling

Session 180

Love it or hate it, technology has made a big impact on communication and relationships. Mark Mehling joins in this session to share his take on whether or not technology has made a positive impact. To him, technology and social media have been “killing relationships,” but there are ways to fix that. He and Beth explore how nonprofits can use technology better, segmenting strategies that will yield better results and stronger relationships, what he calls “visual dissonance” and much more – even Star Wars.

They discuss:

  • How technology is hurting people’s ability to connect with one another
  • The three elements nonprofits need to build communications with supporters
  • What research strategies should you be using to better segment your messaging?
  • What is “visual dissonance”? And how can you avoid it?
  • How to create value for your supporters

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