“Disaster relief for us makes our work much more time sensitive and urgent. These kids aren't playing now because of this thing that just happened and we want to get them back on the field as soon as possible so that they can get back to being a kid again. That is a really easy story to digest and people are like, ‘Great. Let me figure out a way to help.’”
— David Rhode

Turning Important into Urgent with David Rhode

Session 179

David Rhode didn’t set out with the intention of his organization, Pitch In For Baseball, to become known for its disaster relief efforts. However, the work they do in providing softball and baseball equipment to communities with kids in need played a role as the organization was founded right after Hurricane Katrina. David joins in this session to talk about how a sense of urgency can elevate the importance of your organization’s mission and message, as well as attract a new audience. He and Beth discuss the organization’s communications program, how Pitch In collaborates with larger organizations, and more.

They explore:

  • How social media interactions translate to involvement
  • Creating effective relationships with larger organizations for collaborations
  • How to create loyalty with a younger generation that creates a relationship beyond the college resume
  • Finding the piece of your mission that inspires a sense of urgency
  • How to bring an audience into the broader mission of your work


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