“If you're realistic as a CEO or an executive director, as a founder in many cases, you're thinking ‘OK, I do need to think about what happens beyond me,’ because it's a big deal. You want the organization to thrive and keep going well beyond you because you put your heart and soul into something.”
— Cassie Dennis, Monday Loves You

Thriving Through a CEO Transition with Cassie Dennis

Session 178

When your company undergoes a big change — a CEO transition, for example — there are ways to ease your staff, volunteers and supporters through it smoothly. Cassie Dennis, director of agency Monday Loves You, joined this session to share tips and tactics for organizations experiencing such a shift and how to best equip everyone involved for the new chapter. She and Beth discuss what can cause a CEO transition, creating an effective transition plan, the best and “least destructive” approaches to announcing such a big change, and much more.

They discuss:

  • Cassie’s three layers of internal and external communication during a transition
  • What kind of issues can come up when a CEO or director is forced out or it doesn’t work out?
  • How to help ease the tension and encourage confidence about the longevity of the organization and staff positions during a transition
  • Are there best practices to announce a transition to both staff and the public?
  • Why bringing in a new director or CEO doesn’t always mean a rebranding of the organization
  • What can be done during a transition period to best support the new person’s agenda and direction?

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