“The biggest misconception of personal branding … is they assume it’s this outside end phenomenon where you start with like how should I be or how would the world want to see me and how can I contort myself to do that, and so of course it brings up these questions of authenticity and is it fake or presenting this fake vision, and it’s really the opposite of it.”
 — Dorie Clark

Turning Focus into Funding with Dorie Clark

Session 174

In this session, author Dorie Clark joins in to talk about personal branding — on an individual level as well as for an organization. How does a leader’s personal brand align with the impression of an organization as a whole? Can they be separated? (Think: the association between Steve Jobs and Apple.) Dorie and Beth dig into what personal branding actually means, how it can impact your reputation, and how — or if — your personal brand changes as you choose different career paths throughout your life.

They discuss:

  • What does personal branding actually mean?
  • How is building a personal brand for yourself different than building a brand for an organization?
  • Why your reputation is important and how it aligns with your organization
  • How to be seen as a leader who can cultivate a pipeline
  • What are some some ways big organizations can clarify their focus?
  • Will choosing different career paths impact your personal brand in the long run?
  • Dorie’s website
  • Dorie’s Books: Stand Out, Reinventing You, Entrepreneurial You
  • Dorie’s 88-question assessment
  • Revisit Gail Bower’s session: Building the Pipeline for Nonprofit Supporters
  • Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent by Sydney Finkelstein on Amazon
  • Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters by Richard Rumelt on Amazon

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