“The limitation comes from leadership, the limitation comes from the mentality of scarcity and the limitation comes from people not really wanting to do the work, just wanting to come, subsist and exist again as opposed to thrive and be a rockstar audience engaging space.”
— Monica Montgomery, Museum of Impact

How to Liberate Yourself from Limited Thinking with Monica Montgomery

Session 172

Monica Montgomery wants to help liberate organizations from what she sees as limited thinking, which could be caused by any number of things. She should know a thing or two about creative thinking as the founding director of the Museum of Impact, which is a social justice museum that is completely mobile. She joins Beth to talk about the mentality of scarcity and the concept of stagnant leadership, and how they can translate to limitations in thinking. She explores how they use feedback in order to best gauge their target audience’s interests and create “irresistible” experiences for them.

They discuss:

    • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to use the word “agenda”
    • How to push yourself to think beyond limitations
    • How to truly identify the issues you want to address
    • What leads to the idea of limited thinking?
    • How to get leaders motivated to shake things up
    • What role collaboration plays in Monica’s work and how it could help your organization
    • What can an experience of culture look like in the future?

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