“Any sort of creative background you have, any sort of writing background you have, any sort of understanding of the human condition of people or relationships, that will feed your communications and that is the unique proposition that you have as a communications staffer when you come to organizations.”
— RoiAnn Phillips, HealthConnect One

Congratulations on Becoming a Nonprofit Communications Director! Now What? with RoiAnn Phillips

Session 171

When RoiAnn Phillips became the communications director for HealthConnect One, a newly created position, she had some questions to work out. Namely, what will that mean for the organization? What value will this role bring? She joins Beth to discuss her new position and how she got there, even with an unconventional background as a theater major. She explains why amplification and cohesion were important for her to bring to the organization in her role as well as create trusting relationships with her colleagues.

They discuss:

  • Misconceptions about what marketing really means
  • The two important components of the role of communications director
  • Why creating relationships with your colleagues — especially in other departments — is crucial
  • How to educate yourself when you don’t come from a traditional marketing background
  • Navigating the relationship between development and marketing
  • What questions should you be asking yourself about your organization?

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