“Anything you can do to create continuity from your website to your donation form will only help your donor conversion rate.”
— Abby Jarvis, Qgiv

Very Tiny Changes That Have Very Big Results with Abby Jarvis

Session 170

Using a donor’s first name on a donation receipt. Making the “donate” big and easy to find. These seemingly small changes can make a big difference in not just improving your organization’s donor conversion rate but also the donor’s experience of giving to your cause. Abby Jarvis, contact director at Qgiv, joins this session to explore the small changes that lead to big results when it comes to donation pages. From website color schemes to the donation page itself, Abby shares how you can make the experience as simple and meaningful as possible for a potential donor.

They discuss:

  • Why repetition is underrated
  • How to create small instances of continuity across your platform that will help your donor conversion rate
  • Preventing potential security breaches or suspicion about the security of your donation page
  • A universal lesson for nonprofits to learn about donation forms
  • Why limiting the number of options a potential donor has will really help
  • Avoiding potential decision fatigue

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