“In terms of can you build community in the virtual space, I've done it. It can be done and it can be really powerful because now you're connecting people that can potentially live all around the world and they're connecting on things that they want to be connecting on, not just because they're sitting next to each other at a table.”
— Arianna Rehak, Association Success

Education, Event and List Builder: Lessons from a Virtual Summit with Arianna Rehak

Session 169

How do you go about planning a virtual conference? Arianna Rehak brought together speakers and professionals for Surge, an entirely virtual summit spread over the course of a few days, that allowed attendees the chance to join in on educational sessions about topics they care about — without having to go anywhere. From the technology behind the summit (like prerecorded video sessions) to how she measured its success (such as feedback forms), she talks about the logistics of creating a free virtual summit and why the event goes beyond just being a list builder.

They discuss:

  • First, what is a virtual summit?
  • How to decide on the most strategic structure of a virtual summit
  • What are the best tools for webinars and online conferences?
  • How do you measure the success of an online event?
  • Why a virtual summit is more than a list builder
  • The mistakes you can make when planning an event for the first time
  • What is the Ikea effect?

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