“The ability to leverage your connections and your contacts on LinkedIn is probably the single most important thing and again, this applies to any type of working environment, whether it's nonprofit or for profit.”
 — Michael Kirby, Within3

Leveraging Connectivity with Michael Kirby

Session 167

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest? Michael Kirby, vice president of business partnerships at Within3, joins in to talk about how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. From advice about targeting potential connections and leveraging your contacts, Michael shares his favorite approaches to communicating on the social platform and the messaging that works. He talks about the commonalities between the nonprofit and for profit worlds, such as the importance of business development..

He and Beth discuss:

  • The steps to take when making a LinkedIn connection
  • How to use LinkedIn for research
  • Is it best to send an email or an InMail?
  • Why you should be active on LinkedIn
  • How participation differs in the for profit world
  • How do people respond differently to an invitation to connect and to an InMail message?

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