“They're not just members. They’re not potentially donors for every nonprofit. They’re not just funders. They’re champions and those are the people that are going out and really singing your praises.”
— Jill Knaggs, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association of Manitoba

Turning Advocates into Champions for Your Message with Jill Knaggs

Session 161

Jill Knaggs knows the perception about manufacturing typically evokes a sort of dingy image. But she also knows the industry is anything but dingy. She joins this session to talk about a campaign she coordinated as communication and marketing manager for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association of Manitoba to change perception and show people what the industry is — and how they already interact with it, from food (pizza pops!) to aerospace. She explains how the organization incorporated hijack marketing around Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration and employing external influencers to reach a new and potential audience who can become advocates for your cause.

She and Beth discuss:

  • What is hijack marketing? How can it be useful?
  • How to change people’s perception of something like manufacturing on a small scale
  • Why identifying an organizational need before building a strategy is crucial
  • What is the value of working with influencers?
  • How to inspire your members to become advocates for your cause
  • How to create specific social media and marketing toolkits for influencers (it’s not as much work as it sounds!)
  • Most importantly: What are pizza pops?

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