“That spirit of trying to replicate what others do is the antithesis of branding.”
 — Jen Martindale, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Branding Gets You to the Starting Line with Jen Martindale

Session 160

As Jen Martindale will say, having a brand strategy in place just the starting line — not the finish line. She helped the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts undergo a strategic re-branding — which goes much deeper than a new logo. As Chief Marketing Officer, she guided the organization to understand the needs of their community and find their place in it.

On this session of the Driving Participation Podcast, she talks with Beth Brodovsky about the role both arts and culture play in enacting change. The importance of zeroing in on what makes your organization unique — and then delivering on it — was key to their success. Deeply understanding their audience allowed her to innovate in ways they had not explored before.

Hear how Jen led the organization through a re-imagining of their brand, their business model and their culture — and what’s happened since.

Beth and Jen discuss:

  • Why you should never try to replicate what another organization does
  • How to create trust when you’re taking a big risk
  • How to navigate the waters of buy in to get enough support to move forward when making a big change
  • What is the real role of a brand?
  • How does a rebranding affect other departments and programming of an organization?
  • Why interdepartmental collaboration is so important


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